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Oakwilde is a Bridge

Oakwilde is a bridge between people; people and nature; art and people…a bridge between presence and infinity.

We started 10 years ago to create an oasis of visual pleasure…in the process we embraced new experiences daily, we learned a lesson or two daily, we survived daily.

We learned that we, people, are part of an unforgiving nature that has its laws, gravity, colors, sounds, ground squirrels…grasses, weeds…beautiful sunsets, howling wind, glorious rain…

Acquiring new knowledge; we defined our likes and dislikes; we proved what works and what does not.  And here it is:

Nobody can change people or nature; we can nobly add some new knowledge and experience, creating a bridge and hoping to reach the person or understand nature and together lean in the desired direction.

Oakwilde is that bridge between possible and almost impossible.

Creativity is not bestowed on us. Creativity is a result of hard work, intense practice and uncontrolled desire to learn; to laugh in the face of a mistake and hold on to slivers of hope as we experiment our way through. In the nooks and crannies of our daily life, there are ideas waiting to be discovered.

Crossing over to the side of creativity is like a first date: we do our best.  We experiment, we discover our tolerances…we contemplate, we smile, we hyperventilate as we enter into another world.

In the vastness of nature only the strong survive. Strong line, monumentality of form, clear concept, strong balance…

The very first project in our studio shop was the bridge. The curve represents the process: the ups and downs. The fused glass panels accent our fragility and at the same time are the lens of our experience of colorful sunsets; collecting light that creativity offers.

Oakwilde is the bridge to all that.  Come join us.

Kresimir and Denise

Steve Mudge

Melanie Pickrell

Richard Starks

Chuck Sullivan

David Turner

Jim Wood

Gong Yuebin